The BIOHUB is a containment system for the initial or suspicious epidemic phases, able to protect the assistance operators and the surrounding community. It allows to isolate the patient with highly infectious diseases from any contact with the outside, as soon as the disease is suspected and even before it brings an infectious risk within a community or hospital.

The unit thus set up, ensures an ordered flow of operators/patients and the allocation of devices/ equipment and materials, allows as well the possibility of being expanded with similar modules connected to each other, in each “operating theater” where the possibilities of isolation are technically limited.

Internal compartment structuring could provide logistical decision support to operations. The proposed compartments should be at least four:

  1. Compartment for housing the patient in high biocontainment isolation devices.
  2. Area for individual decontamination, for operators from outside.
  3. Area for changing clothes of health workers.
  4. Area equipped for the housing of equipment and storage of drugs.

The diagnostic system applies new technologies for remote collection of health data and allows caregivers to monitor patients from the outside and identify the presence of communicable infectious risks. Tested under conditions of maximum risk, it follows the patient in all stages of care, storing data on a server platform and on wearable personal devices.

The equipment is completed with the selection of PPE Kits that are most suitable for the environmental risk in that moment.

Kit A – for protection against biological, chemical, chemotherapeutic and nuclear particulate agents – Overalls GVS 2 – Filtering Facial GVS Biodust Mask – Goggles SF 31 – Footwear GVS 22 – Nitrile gloves

Kit B – for protection against biological, chemical, chemotherapeutic – Overalls GVS 4 – Filtering Facial GVS Biodust Mask – Googles and mask SF 31 – Footwear GVS 22 – Headcover GVS 5 – Nitrile gloves

Kit C – for protection against biological agents, chemical-chemotherapeutic and nuclear particulate matter – GVS Special Suit – GVS Bio P3 Filter – Full Face Mask – Nitrile gloves – Neoprene gloves


The unit consists of:

  1. A modular tent in fiber-reinforced aluminum structure with double Thermocanvas high performance insulation. Designed according to UNI 13782, it resists snow and wind (loads 60 kg/mq and 28 m/s). Quick installation for immediate operation to guarantee privacy, can have air-conditioning system.
  2. An chamber for isolation in BSL3, mobile and quickly deployable to realise a biocontainment area and a laboratory to support ‘diagnosis on the quay’.

The complete equipment of the unit includes a series of equipments:

  • Multiparametric monitor with self-diagnostic ECG, defibrillator-pacing, PA Saturator.
  • Portable fan with accessories and transport systems.
  • Multi-voltage battery/mains vacuum cleaner.
  • Infusion pump.
  • Infusion syringes.
  • AMBU balloons with reservoir.
  • 10 lt O2 cylinders with reducer, manometer and flow meter.
  • Drip rods on wheels.
  • ICU beds, on wheels.


Contact us if you want to know more details about Biohub, the most innovative solution for  high bio-containment of people and/or things infected or suspected.

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