Quality Policy

The Management, in relation to the purposes of its organisation, defines and implements the Quality Policy in establishing the requirements for Customer Satisfaction and for the protection of the environment and commitment to continuous improvement.

The Quality Policy contains the following requirements:

  • Compliance with established service standards;
  • Effectiveness of services / products provided;
  • Productivity and efficiency in service delivery / products;
  • Commitment and compliance with legislation;
  • High level of the company’s image.

The Policy is drawn up also also considers risk assessments and the analysis of reports on health and safety at work.

Customer satisfaction requirements are then analysed in the context of the GSQ Reviews by the Board of Directors and the objectives are also set as far as possible on the basis of measurable and objective indicators, which are documented in the records relating to the Review itself.

In relation to the elements defined in the Policy, the Board of Directors, as part of the Review of the GSQ, proposes to:

  • Measure the performance to assess objectively customer satisfaction and the system in general;
  • Periodically verify the performance achieved by reviewing the objectives.

Ensure that the Quality Policy is disseminated and communicated within the organisation and periodically reviewed (as part of the System Reviews) to guarantee that it is appropriate and shared.

It is advertised externally on the company website and communicated to all staff working on behalf of Inmm Ltd, through billboards in the company premises.