The Chamber 320 is the mobile solution for the isolation of a single patient-bed. It was designed to host an area biologically isolated from infections coming from the environment outside the chamber itself.

Here are the main features:

  • Supports patient care activity
  • Requires compliance with the procedures of intervention and management of high complexity, in and out
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduces the risk of healthcare-related nosocomial infections
  • Protection of the patient’s health
  • Protection of the caregiver’s health
  • Revolutionary cost-benefit ratio

Although sophisticated, the instrumental resources are easy to manage and maintain, with an excellent cost-benefit balance.

This device allows a controlled input, supports the input manoeuvres, allows verification of suitability of an adequate protection avoiding that the pressure levels of the patient-bed compartment undergo changes. In the same way, the controlled ouput, forces to respect the operations of undressing, waste of infected PPE in suitable containers and disinfection of contact parts, before continuing in the care of other patients.

Upon patient discharge, the entire protective envelope and the structure that supports it can be completely cleaned and reused safely.

Access to patient monitoring equipment can be managed from the outside, via cable sleeves to control contamination risks of electromedical devices (also potential vehicle of infection for other patients).



Among the main components we find:

  • A durable laminated PVC casing, supported by a lightweight aluminium “quick connect” system.
  • A system of inlet and outlet air filtration, characterised by high air/h exchange, and Hepa filtration capacity.
  • An integrated UV-disinfected filter maintenance system.
  • A constant control of noise and energy expenditure, minimised during patient stay.
  • A hermetically sealed hinge system to guarantee the sealing of the entire system.

Size may vary depending on department needs; we recommend that you contact our technical support for more information.


Contact us if you want to know more details about Chamber  320, the most innovative solution for  high bio-containment of people and/or things infected or suspected.

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