Stretcher N 36

Is the device for transporting the patient in high biocontainment with dimensions similar to the standards of a stretcher. It is provided with an overlapping space to create a containment area and atmosphere to ensure the protection of operators and other subjects against exposure to potentially infectious agents.

The device is suitable for housing in any ambulance for transport by land, and is certified for loading into a rescue aircraft, whether helicopter or aircraft.

Safety is guaranteed by specific certifications attesting:

  • The suitability of the absolute filtration system;
  • The negative pressure gradient in operation;
  • The performance of the electrical and thermal system;
  • A suitable concentration of O2 and CO2 for the proper management of vital functions of the transported patient.

It is an integrated component of the National Defence System with the systems already in use at the Ministry of Health, the CRI (Italian Red Cross, Department of Public Health and Military Corps), the Italian Air Force, the Italian Army, the Italian Navy.

It meets the minimum requirements required by the Ministry of Health in the Letter of 8 August 2015.


Technical data Stretcher N 36

Air flow: 36m3/h

(100-150 air exchanges per hour)

The air flow is of extreme importance: it enables the removal of heat and humidity, generated inside the containment chamber (when the patient is in). Tests conducted by several independent laboratories have shown that rooms with air flows of less than 36m3/h develop critical and intolerable levels of heat and humidity.

Negative pressure: lower or equal to 50 Pascal

A high air flow combined with a high negative pressure value, are the essential factors to ensure  safety of the product (in terms of protection for operators); even in the case of accidental losses (damage to the chamber, damage to the glove). The chances of maintaining normal pressure levels “in standard” are considerably higher than in any other product.

10h battery life

The ventilation engine is equipped with an integrated battery with a continuous operating range of 10 h; no need to supply from central power. An indicator constantly shows the level of charge. Charging is still possible via standard power supply 230V/50hz.

The opening system of  N36 allows the patient to be housed (both self-sufficient and not self-sufficient) with maximum practicality by operators adequately protected by PPE, and maximum safety also for all decontamination operations. Certified decontamination protocols are available.


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Contact us if you want to know more details about Stretcher N 36, the most innovative solution for  high bio-containment of people and/or things infected or suspected.

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