Biocontainment Training Program

Biological agents and biocontainment concept.
Classification of infectious agents in relation to biological safety.
Cross-border health security.
Analysis of international, European and national bio-containment legislation (with reference to the 2005 RSI WHO).
The structure of the main agencies involved in biocontainment activities in Italy.
The emergency system in Italy.
The composition of biocontainment units.
Procedures for dressing and undressing PPE in biocontainment (Full Skill exercises).
The management of bio-containment units: operational procedures.
The transport of patients in biocontainment (full skill exercises with stretcher in biocontainment).
Procedures for sanitisation and decontamination of PPE.
Procedures for sanitisation and decontamination of vehicles for bio-containment.

Health Biosafety Training è un percorso formativo rivolto a tutti gli operatori che, a vario titolo, sono coinvolti nella gestione di procedure in biocontenimento. Obiettivo specifico del Training è l’attività di simulazione e di supporto formativo continuo al personale coinvolto.

Health Biosafety Training is a training course aimed at all operators who, in various ways, are involved in the management of biocontainment procedures. Specific objective of the Training is the activity of simulation and continuous training support to the personnel involved.

HBT plan project
training in high biocontainment


• Recent national and international health emergencies have shown that appropriate responses require multidisciplinary intervention, where the moment of planning must be shared by decision makers and the moment of action must be known before the occurrence of the event.

• The extraordinary nature of a global health emergency is capable of overwhelming the usual response capabilities of a tried and tested system, and cannot be addressed without the preparation of a specific plan.


We need to rethink the redistribution of specific areas, personnel, equipment and technology.

It is necessary to reset the health protocols that involve not only the corporate health structures but the whole national territory.

Managing a biohazard emergency means putting in place a unique and effective coordination in a very short time with the available resources, and with the organisational flexibility useful to avoid being trapped in a rigid and irreconcilable planning with the variability of events.

The risk cannot be eliminated by any human activity, however it can be studied, evaluated and, after having traced it back to the various parameters of the reference area, made predictable and manageable, resulting in its neutralisation.


For a high biocontainment management system to be virtuous, it needs three characteristics:

  • Security treatment of patients;
  • Surety reliability, guarantee of operation in a highly complex and critical environment;
  • Safety protection of operators.

For a high biocontainment management system to be virtuous, it needs three characteristics:

The standardised biocontainment procedures have proved to be a supporting component of biological risk management which has fulfilled the purpose of isolating one or more infected sources, in order to reduce the possibility of their spread and potential exposure of operators and infrastructures.


Objective national health plan project

“definition of regional processes and procedures in possible containment measures in case of health emergencies falling under the international health regulation in critical infrastructure”

Since March 31 2020 up to date, training on Health Biosafety Training dressing and undressing procedures has been provided through the platform of the Order of Doctors of Palermo. The procedure was validated by the Ministry of Health in the person of Dr. Ulrico Angeloni, Medical Director of the same Ministry and Deputy Director of the Uff. 3 Health Prevention.

Flu Pandemic (Panflu) 2021-2023

Strategic Plan – National Operational Preparedness and Response to a Flu Pandemic (Panflu) 2021-2023. Ministry of Health – Directorate General for Prevention 29-1-2021 Ordinary supplement n. 7 to the OFFICIAL GAZETTE General series – n. 23

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goals achieved

Trained in e-learning, thanks to the focal point for the PSN project

of training provided

Polizia di Stato – Arma dei Carabinieri
Guardia Costiera – Personnel USMAF-SASN

A WebApp as a training tool

• E-learning training simultaneously supports 7,000 users

• The web app provides videos and photos for training on the use of the system and the correct dressing and undressing methods.

• Management in real time. Help desk for assistance or in-depth analysis.

Virus, first Italian biocontainment project in Sicily Sky TG24

Biocontainment of the Military Body CRI at Porta a Porta RAI 1

Scientific coordinator
DR. Francesco Bongiorno

Senior Analyst – Advanced Biohazard equipment and technologies

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