The technology is customised in Italy for biocontainment. In both emergency and care settings, the risk of cross-contamination is under control, in fact the patient is isolated and the staff are guided to change the PPE at each access-point via the Airlock. Medical monitoring equipment can be kept outside.

The solutions are less expensive when compared with other solutions that provide structural interventions of masonry. The installation can be modulated, integrating units in successive phases.

In terms of time, a unit can become operational in 40 days from the order, with an average process of at least 2 years between design and construction of traditional structures and is therefore an intermediate solution while waiting for new departments to be built.

Risk reduction results in shorter inpatient times, leading to full investment optimisation and better resource management over time.

The patient with infectious disease or who must be protected from the risk of infection as in the case of immunodeficiencies, can be safely and methodically managed thanks to the devices, both in the emergency phase and during hospitalisation.



The POSITIVE PRESSURE or STERITENT unit is modular, can be set up in spaces not easily accessible, can be used by the wards in the presence of patients with immune system deficiencies.

The unit is also suitable for emergency use, that is to be set up within Field Hospitals and Advanced Medical Places of Level II.

Positive pressure operation is the optimal solution for the treatment of:

  • immunodepressed patients;
  • severely burned patient;
  • patients with severe respiratory infections;
  • emergency first surgery;
  • post-surgical intensive care.


The NEGATIVE PRESSURE chamber is a mobile containment/insulation system, realised in compliance with the same operational requirements and safety and functional standards of ICU (Intensive Care Units) and insulation units, certified by international third-party bodies and fully compliant with the regulatory standards of reference for the functions for which they are intended (CDC Atlanta).

The unit is totally stand-alone, can be set up by a team formed in about 45 minutes and is functional to bring a response to the needs of special care to the patient.

Negative pressure operation is the optimal solution to ensure biocontainment in early epidemic or suspicious phases. The unit is able to protect caregivers and the community, isolating the case as soon as the disease is suspected and even before it can become a concrete infectious risk for the hospital.

The system is used in all situations where the possibilities of insulation are technically limited:

  • At Hospital Emergency Units;
  • In infrastructures such as harbours, airports or medical points set up for triage operations of patients waiting for transportation to dedicated facilities;
  • While waiting for the construction of isolation rooms in ‘permanent structures’.


The safety is guaranteed by the Airlock device, which allows access to the biocontainment chamber and filtration systems with Hepa filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, classes H13-H14 with very high efficiency also called “absolute filters”), which ensure an average air exchange of 1400 m³/h and 80 spare parts/h, complying with Regulation 14644-1 and always under conditions of pressure difference between inside/outside.


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